What it is:

A form of pictionary where you use play-dough to create/draw the “pictures.”

What you’ll need:

  1. Play-dough (one container per team)
  2. A word list (download one: play-dough-pictionary-word-list) of words that somewhat realistically could be formed out of play-dough
  3. Envelopes or something to hold and conceal the words
  4. Paper and scissors to print and cut out individual words

How to play:

  1. Each envelope should have the same words in it. Give an envelope of words to as many teams as you have (no peaking until you begin).
  2. Have one team member (a leader if possible) hold the envelope.
  3. You’ll say go and then the leader will hand/show one word from the envelope to one person in the team. That person will then use the play-dough to describe that word. Without talking, the person molding the play-dough needs to get one person on his/her team to say what they are trying to create.
  4. Once a word is correctly guessed, another person from the team will be given/shown a word and the process will repeat.
  5. Go until all words are completed.
  6. The first team to get through all the words wins!


  • Always make sure to have extra play-dough
  • Make a few more envelopes of words than you estimate teams (just in case you need more teams)
  • Have enough words that everyone in a team can go at least once
  • You’ll be surprised how fast students can get through this