What it is:

A little twist on the classic “Name that Tune” or general music trivia. Instead of raising your hand or yelling out the answer when a song is played, participants text in their answer. The first to text in the correct answer wins. It’s all about fast fingers and knowing your music!

What you’ll need:

  1. High school or junior high students that have their own phones
  2. A laptop or other device to play music from

How to play:

  1. Make sure every student has a phone that can text (pair up those that don’t).
  2. Make sure everyone has the leader’s phone number.
  3. Decide what you want the trivia answer to be (song title, artist, both?). It’s easier to do just one.
  4. Have your students get a text message ready to send to the leader of the game.
  5. Play music from a Spotify, iTunes, or any other playlist from any device.
  6. The first person to text in the correct answer wins!


  • Keep track of scores and go to 10, some other amount, or limit the amount time you will play the game
  • For a little extra excitement, make sure the song is spelled correctly. Autocorrect will give you some laughs as your students text and send quickly.
  • Use a wide variety of genres and old to new songs to even the playing field a bit.