Send & Schedule Push Notifications

In this article: we’ll show you how to send and schedule push notifications from you admin panel / CMS.


  1. In your admin panel / CMS navigate to Manage > Push Notifications
  2. Enter your notification message.
  3. Scroll down to the Targeted Audience section and select where your push notification message will go. We recommend always selecting iOS and Android devices. Optionally you can connect to a Facebook Page and Twitter Account. Under Subscriptions choose the groups/categories the message is for (subscriptions can be managed under Edit > Build > Messages).
  4. Next you’ll scroll down to the Content section. This is where the notification will take your user. You can choose 4 different options. None will just be sent as a standalone message that won’t bring the user somewhere.
  5. In the last section, you will be able to select whether to send the push notification now or schedule for a later time (make sure your time zone is correctly set).
  6. Lastly, whether you are scheduling or sending right away, select Send Message at the top right.


Tips & Tricks:

  • Make sure your push notification content is relevant to the subscription/group(s) you are sending it to.
  • Don’t send too many push notifications. Users can get annoyed getting a push notification from the same app every single day.
  • Schedule all of your push notifications once a month. To delete scheduled push notifications, select Scheduled at the top and select the delete button next to the notification you’d like to delete.

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