Grateful and Proud to be Chosen

We are so excited to be featured in one of the recent articles of 20 + Best Church Management Software for 2021. This is a testimony to the significance that the role of software applications plays in the church community by improving and strengthening their communication, thus empowering them just with their device in the palm of their hands.  The past few weeks have been very trying because of the pandemic, and there is no better way and timing to have our kind of product with you.

According to multiple studies, mobile users spend 90% of their time in apps compared to mobile browsing apps.  Meaning, you can’t engage with your church on your website the same way you can with an app. Push notifications is one of the greatest features that separates an app from a website.  With push notifications, you can send your church, and specific groups within your church, notifications that appear right on the home screen of their device so surely, you will never miss a thing.

Here is our app building process:

– We will provide you with an initial consultation either by phone or in person to   

discuss and determine the needs of your organization.

– We will create a customized app for your organization based on your input 

until the final version of the app.

– We will submit to the Apple App Store and Google Play Android App Store.

– Once your app is accepted by the app stores, you can direct your   

congregation, your audience, your volunteers, or anyone else to download the app and begin using it.

Following are some of the remarkable features that you can explore right at your fingertips:

Website links – Add links to your website and anywhere else you want to direct users.
Videos – Share videos directly on your app and integrate them with Youtube.

Forms – Create forms to send emails to individual staff members, or for event registrations and first time guests.

Contact info – Create a page with your churches most important information. Links to quickly call, email, and visit your website.

Geofencing Notifications – Have a push notification sent when someone is near your church or another area.

Sermon Podcast – Easily link and listen to sermon podcasts right from within your app.

Online Giving – A sharing portal where we can aid our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Discussions – Create a feature for users to post and reply to prayer requests, community needs, Q & A, and anything else your church may need.
And many others!

Having our product is very timely especially with the way things are going on(pandemic, lockdowns).  You can start enjoying these on $57/month + one-time basic setup fee. Unlimited Features, Data, and Push Notifications.  It’s that simple.

Given these facts, we are honored that Top Software Development Companies recognized us.  You will see on their website they are proud to say that they are number one in helping people discover the best software development company for your entity.  Their experienced analysts have searched the world for the top software developers based on industry, location, and more to narrow down your own search for the perfect developer.

We got chosen.  GoChurchApp got chosen.  It means we are doing something right.

To see more about Top Software Development Companies, just click on the link.  They will help you narrow down your search, ask the right questions, and advise you on how to find the best software firm for your project.

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