10 Fun Summertime Ideas for Churches

Mobile apps are a great way for churches to engage with their congregation. They can easily share information about upcoming events or give updates on what’s happening in their church.

Do you have events already planned on your calendar for this summer? If not, you’ve come to the right place, we’ve got you.🕶

Here we share some Fun Activities your Church can enjoy this summer. These activities will not only keep them entertained but also teach them the importance of faith in their lives.

  1. Car wash fundraiser for youth – clean cars is a great mark of summer!
  2. All-Church Picnic – at the church or at a local park!
  3. Hiking Day Trip – local hiking trails make for great family time
  4. Outdoor church services – enjoy the warm weather!
  5. Delivering supplies to people in need – the poor need a little extra help
  6. Campfire – gather the kids together and roast some marshmallows
  7. Family Drive-in Movie night – put the church parking lot to good use!
  8. Ice cream social – create delicious, cold treats on a warm night
  9. Outdoor Concert – Take your worship band outside your church walls. Or set up the stage for musicians and performers in your congregation.
  10.  Bible story competitions: Churches should also consider organizing bible story competitions during this time of year where children compete with one another to answer questions about Bible stories and win prizes.


There you go, 10 activities that your staff members and visitors would love, especially those younger ones…🤔

Share these ideas with your church leaders or with fellow congregants and let us know if they love them.😎



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