Top 10 Words and Phrases Those Youth Group kids are Using Today

Kids today are using slang phrases that are not commonly used in the “adult” world. This is because they are trying to be different and unique from the older generation. They want to be part of a group that is different from the “norm”.

That’s right, Gen Z pretty much focuses on making you feel that you just woke up in a foreign land if you’re older than 22.

Here’s an updated list that will “up your game” regarding slang and sayings kids use nowadays, so now you’ll be able to understand the teenagers around you without them to “sus” anything about you, “lol”.

1. Low-key

When a teen wants to express a feeling or desire without coming on too strong, “He’s low-key cute, but I’m keeping my options open.” (Predictably, highkey means the exact opposite).

2. Opp

An opp (short for opponent) is an enemy or competitor, someone who is working against you in some way. The next time you deny your teen’s request about staying up late, you might fall in the category of an “oop”.

3. Sus

Sus is used as a synonym of suspicious, or suspect, as in “you’ve been acting pretty sus, I think you’re up to something.” It’s a slang word used to say that someone or something shouldn’t be trusted.

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4. Hits different

If something ‘hits different’, it means that thing is a special or unique example of something, better than usual. “Now that song hits different as a remix”.

5. Sleep on

To sleep on something is to overlook its importance or value. “Don’t sleep on that new guidance counselor; I heard she used to be a backup dancer for Doja Cat.”

6. Yassify

To yassify something or someone is to glam them up until they’re almost unrecognizable. It originally referred to influencers’ common use of beauty filters on social media.

7. Drip

In slang terms, drip is a synonym for style, particularly the fashionable or sexy kind. If millennials had swag, Generation Z has drip.

8. Fire

For something to be “lit” or “fire,” it means that something is great, amazing, and exciting. “Yo, those shoes are fire”…

9. Bih

Fearless kiddos say this word and it stands as the abbreviation of the word bit**. OMG, you may think, but yes, now you’ll know they’re cursing someone or something when you hear a teen say this one, it’ll sound like “B”.

10. Snatched

As an adjective, snatched is used to mean “perfect” or “on point”. When you’re looking your best, your teen might grace you with the compliment “snatched,” or particularly stylish. Savor it, because moments like this don’t come around often.

So, are you trying to keep up with your teen’s lingo for more than a few months? “Goals”. Now you can confidently decipher these slang words when you come across one!

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