At the beginning of 2018, Apple no longer allows any apps built on templated app builders. This is something that has affected all of our competitors and other industries as well.

In order to get a custom app into the app store, you would need to hire a custom, native app development company which would cost upwards of $50,000 minimum to build what we’ve built.

The industry is changing and so are we.

We now (still) offer Android apps and an increasingly popular technology called Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s). These are websites that behave more like apps when you use them. But, they are far more superior to websites because of the technology behind them.

This is an up and coming technology that will soon even support push notifications on iOS! Right now, you can use a progressive web app on Android and receive push notifications.

While this entire situation is frustrating, we believe in the future of technology. There is a real “app fatigue” happening across the country. On average, smart phone users download 0 new apps a month, meaning they have what they like already. But, mobile browsing, especially as it gets more intuitive with progressive web apps, is and will increase and become a necessity in communicating with your church.