Using the PDF Feature

In this article: we’ll show you how to manage the PDF feature within the Go Church App builder.


The PDF feature allows you to easily display PDFs and links to websites. Also within this feature you can:

  • Create sections to break up and organize a large amount of content
  • Add PDFs
  • Add website views within the PDF feature which is helpful for adding multiple features to one tab
  1. In your admin panel / CMS navigate to Edit > Build > and select a PDF feature.
  2. Select ADD PDF and a modal window will appear. Once again select ADD PDF

  3. Find the PDF on your computer you would like to upload and add it.
  4. Give your PDF a name in the input field.
  5. Optionally, you can add or create a section to put your PDF in. This is helpful if you have many PDFs and want to organize them by a category/section.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Use this weekly to put in your church's messenger.
  • Allow printing so users can print the PDFs wirelessly from their device to a printer.

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